She Who Persists

I am She,

Woman, nevertheless persisting, resisting, despite their insisting,

I bend, break, behave

shave my parts baby smooth

binding myself so I can’t move.

I am She,

A woman persisting resisting, despite their insisting

I settle for less

trying my best

nevertheless, to persist, to resist past what they insist.

I am She,

The woman who persists, resists, despite how they insist

I cut myself head to tow

shrink myself, fragmented

mold myself in plastic

topped with a bow, for the white male show.

Submitting to their insistence

their mind melt, mind fuck

women get stuck, in this muck

in order to make 75 cents to their buck

I am She,

who persists, resists, despite how they insist

I shut up, shut down

put up, put out

silence this shout

that grows inside

my outraged mind

I am She,

Woman persisting, resisting, despite their insisting

I dress the part

from the start

born female, sugar and spice all nice

and pale

else I’m set up to fail.

I am She,

persistent, resistant, despite their insistence

I hate my own skin, I’m in

starving myself thin

shaming my women kin

for fat folds, wrinkly skin or voice

louder than a dropping pin.

I am She,

Woman, persisting, resisting despite their insisting

I bow down, head down

calling me dyke

calling me kyke

taking away all my human born rights

nevertheless, I persist,  I resist

I am Woman,

persisting, resisting and insisting

on this social change,

finding myself in places strange

my psyche rearranged

I persist, I resist

See, I like my women round

full of sound and color

supporting one another

full of fury and rage

setting our own stage

See, I like my women

sojourning truths,

otherwise ruthlessly, spun

Let’s come undone.

All female repression, suppression and oracular binding

voices rising, women finding

each other surprising

Brilliantly blinding

Powerfully minding


We persist, we resist, we insist

on our rights to our own sovereign bodies

we grab our own pussies

grab our own power

toppling this golden tower

showering the wealth upon us all

this regime,

Oh! It will fall.

Women rise with thundering thighs

Women resist…

Women insist…

We will prevail

without fail and

Nevertheless, we will persist.

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One Response to She Who Persists

  1. John Bilorusky says:

    Words to comment would not do justice to this poem, but I’m compelled to say that I found it to be outstanding and worth reading more than once!

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